NaNoWriMo: The Home Stretch


nano end 2Two. Days.

That’s all you have to do. Write two more days.

I know it’s been a beating of a month; I am 100% there with you. But we didn’t come this far to give up now. We’re going to get this thing done and out of our heads! It’s time for those voices to be heard by someone other than ourselves. We are going to write our asses off, until our keyboard goes up in flames!!!!

And then go drink a lot of wine.

And then, when we’ve suitably recovered, only then will we worry about editing. If you’re a perfectionist, December 1st is when you get to go through your manuscript with he Red Pen of Doom and fix everything you’ve let slide until now. We just have to get through these last two days first.

Or have you already finished, you fantastic person you? Congratulations! The Men Memes and I are so very, very proud of you! I can’t wait to hear all about your triumphs. But… since it’s still November… why don’t you find someone who needs a little extra encouragement to get through these last few days? After all, we started this $hit together. Let’s end it that way!

On a completely different subject, I feel kinda bad. Those of you who know me know that my celebrity crush has been Chris Hemsworth for years. And yet I haven’t posted any memes with him in it, and so many of Tom Hiddleston. And hey, I wanna snuggle the crap out of Tom.

So, in honor of us rocking the $hit out of NaNo this month, I give you:

nano end

Daily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 3,334

Cumulative Word Count: 50,000

If you’re going to write about Texas…

If you’re going to write about Texas…

Dear Authors everywhere,

It has come to my attention that some of you would like to include the great state of Texas in your literary works. Excellent. In order to help you write the most accurate portrayal possible, I’m going to give you a little consulting, free of charge. Having lived here my entire life, I hope you consider my qualifications adequate and take these lessons to heart.

  1. Food. texmex vs mex(JR Ward, I’m looking at you.) Tex-mex does not equal BBQ does not equal Mexican food. Although we (Texans) will call Tex-mex Mexican food, because the term Tex-mex is stupid. Real Mexican food comes from a whole in the wall or a truck, you may not be able to understand everyone who works there, (which is only worth mentioning because I think it gives credence to their authenticity,) and there will be no “American food alternatives” on the menu. No chicken strips, burgers, grilled cheese, etc. That would make it a Tex-mex place. Texas barbecue is served with sides such as fries, ranch beans, corn on the cob, or a baked potato. Any sides with cumin or cilantro belong, once again, at the Tex-mex place, not the barbecue joint. Also, chili is only one color — brown. If you can pick out what’s in there outside of meat and not-meat, you’re doing it wrong.
  2. Sports. Yes, football is a way of life. We are not all Cowboys fans. Personally, I hate them. Not big on the whole, “I beat my girlfriend, but it’s okay because I can run fast and catch a ball” attitude of the NFL. We grow up watching it. Some of our kids play or *eyeroll* look forward to being cheerleaders on the sidelines. (Over my dead body.) We go to games on Friday night. There’s the whole Texas homecoming mum thing. That does not mean that this is accurate:
  3. Accents. shoot meNor do we all sound like that. Screw you Van Der Beek. We also don’t all sound like Foxworthy, Daisy Duke, Hee Haw, or Dallas, (the old one or the new one.) I watched frickin’ Mickey Mouse put on a cowboy hat today and he was all, “Howdy Partner, this here is Mickey Corral!” So now besides being an ego maniac who has everything named after himself, he gets a hat and talks even more like an idiot, (while also enslaving my toddler.)
  4. Accouterments. We do not all have guns, cowboy boots, or hats. There are no bull horns on my car. We have not all ridden a horse, roped a steer, or branded a cow. We don’t eat vittles when cookie rings the triangle up at the farmhouse. Personally I don’t have a hat, boots, a belt buckle, or a gun and I live in a place named after it’s western wear. I can also buy a gun next to housewares at the local Wal-mart. Oh! And hair. Big Texas Hair. It happens. When it does, nine times out of ten I give people the side eye.
  5. Political leanings. It’s a red state. There’s no getting around that. And yet there are some of us, (a minority,) who don’t go for open carry in schools or restaurants, are not convinced President Obama is planning on “invading” Texas, nor should we secede, who support Planned Parenthood and the legalization of gay marriage, and think it’s ridiculous to have to drive to a different county to buy alcohol on a Sunday. So before you lump us all in with the crazies — and we know who they are too, we just can’t get rid of them — remember there are perfectly nice, logical people here, even if they don’t agree with all your views. (Not looking at you specifically, Chris Godsoe; I’ve done my best to set you straight. But maybe a few people your friends with on Facebook.)

Now, if you have any further questions, please ask them in the comments below. I am more than happy to help stop some of this ridiculousness.

NaNoWriMo: Week 4

NaNoWriMo: Week 4

Listen to Ryan. He’s right! We’re almost done!

You’re doing so well, I just know it! And here’s the thing: if you didn’t get all 11,669 words done last week, it’s okay. Like I said before, it’s all about looking forward. Don’t stress about playing catch up and writing all the words you missed in one night. Get your 1,667 in today. And hey, maybe today, maybe tomorrow, you’ll hit a stride and get caught up, or even, *gasp!* ahead! Baby steps, kids. We’re on our last full week, and we got this.

nanoDaily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 46,676

NaNoWriMo: Week 3

NaNoWriMo: Week 3

Congratulations! This is the halfway point! We made it!

week 3

I decided to forgo the usual hunky, keep writing meme for this much more subdued, and 100% true one.

“Because a terrible, rushed first draft is still better than having nothing written at all.”


Honestly, unless you somehow forgot where your story is going, don’t go back and read what you’ve already written. Just don’t. This is not the month for editing. This is the month for writing. And whatever you’re writing, you can always, always fix it in editing… next month.

I know it’s hard. But you can do it. Because you’re awesome… and deserve another meme.

sherlock nano

Daily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 35,007

It’s the End of the World as You Know It


Dystopian Authors Collide!

Whether you love or dread thoughts of the end of the world, there’s no denying, this is one hot genre! I have brought together some of the best of the best for fun, prizes, and best of all, books! Some of these authors may be familiar, some may be new, but they are all amazingly talented and ready to party! So what are we doing?

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And the Giveaway!

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$h!t My Girls Say #7

$h!t My Girls Say #7

$h!t My Girls Say are sporadic posts where I include things that Monkey, and eventually Penguin, say that are just… well… you’ll see. They can be funny, sweet, and just plain wrong, but regardless, I love the little mouths they come from.

To preface: my husband is a good man and very aware of how women are/should be viewed or treated. He is playing a video game for the second time. The first time, a character spurned his advances, and the wound has yet to heal.

Monkey: “Daddy, why don’t you like her?”
Husband: “Because, Monkey, she was mean to me.”
Monkey: “But she wasn’t mean to you, Daddy. She just told you no.”
Husband’s eyes widen as a five year old sums up and defeats male privilege.


NaNoWriMo: Week Two


tumblr_mxurcgauxq1rbp59ao1_500Hello fellow NaNo-ers! How’s it going?? We’ve made it through week one! Yay! And Tom Hiddleston is so proud of us.

Now is the time when you’re really learning about the amount of planning you need for NaNo. And if you’re noticing you’re a little short on that front, don’t worry! Just keep writing! The time for looking back is over. It was in October. Now we’re working on getting into the habit of writing a decent chunk of story, every single day.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t make every goal you’ve set for yourself. You’ve committed to a massive undertaking, something lesser mortals look at and can only shake their heads.

They didn’t even have the confidence to start, and here you are, already through week one. I knew you could do it.

Now then:

idris elba

Daily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 23,338

Sin Eater 1.5 Review

Sin Eater 1.5 Review



If you remember from my review of the previous episode, I talked about balance. Balancing the demon hunting apocolyptic-ness with the depraved demon WTF-ness.

And so I got balance. Yay!

There were a few wincey moments for me, not that they were anything awful. I’m just a softie for pets and babies. But like I said, brief and not terrible; more of a, “I know how bad this can get, oh no, here it comes… oh. Well then. Moving on.” Again, lots of explanations, and the writing is such that it in no way slows down the pacing. I’m actually really confused as to how things are all going to get wrapped up in only two more episodes.

Unless there’s a sequel! EEEP!

And then ending! Omigosh the ending!! It’s perfect. Just enough, without being too much. Read it, you’ll get what I’m saying. I’m so satisfied with the last chapter I almost don’t want anymore episodes. Let’s just let ***** and ****** have some happy ending for once…

Hell, who am I kidding? I’m an author too. We live to make our characters suffer.

As of this posting, you can purchase episode 1, episode 2, episode 3episode 4, and episode 5, simply by clicking on the episode you want, or click here to pre-order the entire season. You can learn more about author Jessica West here, and more about author PK Tyler here. Stay tuned for each episode’s review!

Sin Eater 1.4 Review

Sin Eater 1.4 Review


Okay, so for the first three episodes of this series and the beginning of this one, I felt like there was a big focus on f-ed up demons doing f-ed up things to people. And some of that is fine, necessary even in regards to having good antagonists. But for someone who needs a little less hard core sex scenes in her books, it was wearing on me. It was so dark that it was all I could see when I would read, especially the last episode.

Now, in episode four, we can move past it. Wait! Before you go running off to read it, let me say this: the first chapter or two might be the most graphic sex scene yet, straight out of Rosemary’s Baby. But after that, and for the rest of the book, I got what I really wanted. I learned more about that backstory I’ve been waiting for, and more explanation of why things are the way they are in regards to Nik and Zeph’s relationship. I feel like the story has really picked up and is starting to be more about Nik than the demons stalking him.

This makes me happy. This is what I wanted to read about.

I can’t tell you if episode five is going to continue on this path, or if we’ll have more deviant demons doing deviant demon things. As long as the authors keep it, (at minimum) balanced, or lean more towards what gets done versus who, I’ll be a happy girl.

As of this posting, you can purchase episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, and episode 4, simply by clicking on the episode you want, click here to pre-order episode 5, or click here to pre-order the entire season. You can learn more about author Jessica West here, and more about author PK Tyler here. Stay tuned for each episode’s review!

NaNoWriMo: Week One

NaNoWriMo: Week One

‘Twas the night before Nano…

Ya’ll, I am so excited. My story is an idea I’ve had for awhile, one I’ve loved, and one that’s stalled. Like 20k words and then… nothing.

But now! NaNo has given me the motivation to work out the kinks and add another 50k to that word count.


I’ve been getting everything ready for tomorrow: I’ve got my playlist ready. My chapter by chapter outline is in Scrivener. I’ve moved the content I already had where it needs to be, worked on a few formatting hiccups, (because I know they will distract me later.) And I read what I wrote before.

Omigosh, I love these guys! I forgot how much I love my two main characters’ story. I have goosebumps. This is definitely the time to let them out.


And I wish you all the same this NaNo. Or any time you get that one story that just has to be told. Good luck to all of you this week! (Also, I had waaay too much fun finding memes. #sorrynotsorry)

at-dawn-we-writeDaily Word Count: 1,667

Weekly Word Count: 11,669

Cumulative Word Count: 11,669